Welcome to SICB 2023

The 18th edition of the SICB
“Sustainability and Cutting-Edge Business Technologies.”


Topics and Tracks

1- Sustainability and Cutting-Edge Technologies:

• Environmental Issues and Cutting Edge Technologies.
• CEBT Energy Efficiency.
• Telemetry and Saving in Water Consumption.
• Reducing Food Waste and CET.
• Machine Learning and energy – Economics.
• Smart Cities and Smart Energy
• The Environmental Impact of Consumption.
• Data Science and Sustainability.

2- Cutting-Edge Business Technologies and Business Analytics:

• CEPT and Supply Chain Management.
• Digital Transformation in Business
• Artificial intelligence risks, challenges and opportunities.
• International business and CEBT.
• Business models and Sustainability.
• Business ethics and CEBT value.
• Business analytics, Big data and strategic Management.
• Cutting-Edge Business Technology and human behavior.

3- Green Economy, Green Business and Sustainability:

• Sustainability and Green Business.
• Social Entrepreneurial ship and sustainability.
• Business innovation and Green Strategy.
• Sustainable production with artificial intelligence.

4- Artificial Intelligence in Accounting:

• Digital accounting Al .
• Accounting Information Systems and Big Data.
• Auditing and Deep Data Mining.
• Applied Artificial Intelligence and Financial Reporting.
• Artificial Intelligence and Financial Accounting.

5- Cutting-Edge Business Technologies and Digital Marketing:

• CEBT and Marketing.
• Artificial Intelligence and Digital Advertising.
• Marketing and search engine optimization.
• Virtual reality, augmented reality and social media Marketing.
• Social Media , Self-Worth and Identity.
• Cutting-Edge Technology and Manipulation.
• Myths in Social Media and Human Behavior.

6- Human-Technology Interaction:

• Human Psychology and CEBT.
• CEBT Acceptance and Adoption.
• CEBT and Behavioral Intention.
• Attitudes Toward Cutting-Edge Technology.

7- Social Impact of Cutting-Edge Business Technologies:

• Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.
• Effect of Technology on Learning Reship Outcomes.
• Innovation Performance and CEBT.
• Social Responsibility and CEBT.
• CEBT and Social Interaction.
• Teaching Effectiveness, Assurance of Learning and CEBT.
• Education and Cutting-Edge Technologies.

8- Emerging Cutting-Edge Technologies in Banking and Financial Industries:

• Financial Technology and CEBT .
• Cloud Computing and Financial Institutions.
• Blochchain Technology.
• Mobile Banking, Financial Markets and CEBT.
• Cryptocurrency and CEBT

9- Cutting Edge Technologies, Crisis and Change Management:

• CET in Crisis Situations.
• CET and Disaster Risk Reduction.
• CET and Pandemic Prediction.
• CET and Energy Crisis.
• Health Informatics

10- Cutting-Edge Technologies in Healthcare

    • Biomedical and Business Applications

    • Explainable artificial intelligence in Healthcare

    • Bio Computational and bioinformatics: Business case studies