Welcome to SICB 2023

The 18th edition of the SICB
“Sustainability and Cutting-Edge Business Technologies.”



Modern organizations rely on a number of smart digital technologies such as Al systems, big data analytics, business analytics, machine learning, internet of things, intelligent computing and sophisticated algorithms.

There are   also new emerging cutting-edge technologies for business applications, Industries, banks, firms and other organizations use smart artificial intelligence apps for business processes and services activities. Today, CEBT, have been integrated to many business functions and processes.

Cutting-edge technologies are the most omnipresent emerging digital technology of the current fourth industrial revolution.

Business and industries that use IA the most include Banking and financial services, healthcare, logistics, services, marketing, supply chain management, e-business, mobile business, e-commerce, operations management, manufacturing, education and financial markets.

CEBT is also used in social media networking, search engine, advertising, robotics, and web applications. The question is how do people use CFBT for business and life in a sustainable way?


How firms should be sustainable on being using CEBT and Al?


Thus, the aim of this conference is to examine business sustainability and CEBT. 

CEBT for sustainability has received attention for global efforts such as artificial intelligence for good initiative. Following the announcement of the sustainable development goals, more attention has been paid to sustainability issues and CEBT.