Welcome to SICB 2023

The 18th edition of the SICB
“Sustainability and Cutting-Edge Business Technologies.”


Call For Paper

SICB2023 is a premier conference for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of digital economy, business analytics, business intelligence, and big data analytics applications. The conference will bring together leading researchers in the domains of interest from all around the world. Topics of interest for submission include but not limited to:

1- Sustainability and Cutting-Edge Technologies:

• Environmental Issues and Cutting Edge Technologies.
• CEBT Energy Efficiency.
• Telemetry and Saving in Water Consumption.
• Reducing Food Waste and CET.
• Machine Learning and energy – Economics.
• Smart Cities and Smart Energy
• The Environmental Impact of Consumption.
• Data Science and Sustainability.

2- Cutting-Edge Business Technologies and Business Analytics:

• CEPT and Supply Chain Management.
• Digital Transformation in Business
• Artificial intelligence risks, challenges and opportunities.
• International business and CEBT.
• Business models and Sustainability.
• Business ethics and CEBT value.
• Business analytics, Big data and strategic Management.
• Cutting-Edge Business Technology and human behavior.

3- Green Economy, Green Business and Sustainability:

• Sustainability and Green Business.
• Social Entrepreneurial ship and sustainability.
• Business innovation and Green Strategy.
• Sustainable production with artificial intelligence.

4- Artificial Intelligence in Accounting:

• Digital accounting Al .
• Accounting Information Systems and Big Data.
• Auditing and Deep Data Mining.
• Applied Artificial Intelligence and Financial Reporting.
• Artificial Intelligence and Financial Accounting.

5- Cutting-Edge Business Technologies and Digital Marketing:

• CEBT and Marketing.
• Artificial Intelligence and Digital Advertising.
• Marketing and search engine optimization.
• Virtual reality, augmented reality and social media Marketing.
• Social Media , Self-Worth and Identity.
• Cutting-Edge Technology and Manipulation.
• Myths in Social Media and Human Behavior.

6- Human-Technology Interaction:

• Human Psychology and CEBT.
• CEBT Acceptance and Adoption.
• CEBT and Behavioral Intention.
• Attitudes Toward Cutting-Edge Technology.

7- Social Impact of Cutting-Edge Business Technologies:

• Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.
• Effect of Technology on Learning Reship Outcomes.
• Innovation Performance and CEBT.
• Social Responsibility and CEBT.
• CEBT and Social Interaction.
• Teaching Effectiveness, Assurance of Learning and CEBT.
• Education and Cutting-Edge Technologies.

8- Emerging Cutting-Edge Technologies in Banking and Financial Industries:

• Financial Technology and CEBT .
• Cloud Computing and Financial Institutions.
• Blochchain Technology.
• Mobile Banking, Financial Markets and CEBT.
• Cryptocurrency and CEBT

9- Cutting Edge Technologies, Crisis and Change Management:

• CET in Crisis Situations.
• CET and Disaster Risk Reduction.
• CET and Pandemic Prediction.
• CET and Energy Crisis.
• Health Informatics

10- Cutting-Edge Technologies in Healthcare

    • Biomedical and Business Applications

    • Explainable artificial intelligence in Healthcare

    • Bio Computational and bioinformatics: Business case studies


All paper submissions will be refereed in a double – blind peer review process by international reviewers with expertise in the relevant area. All accepted papers will be published and indexed in the Scopus databases.

Submission of papers implies that the work described has not been published previously, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. All paper submissions could be written in English according to the conference template standards.

To submit your paper, please go to this link: