Conference Committee

  • Nasser Abdul Karim AboYasin         Chair
  • Raed Alqirem  
  • Abdul Aziz Bader Alnedawi  
  • Abdul Razzaq Qasim Al-Shehadeh     
  • Guitarh Kazem Alshaya
  • Abdullah Khader Attia        
  • Nawaf Ahmad Al-Ghussein  
  • Nafiz Nemer Ali
  • Hamad Afnan Al-Kasasbeh  
  • Rajeh Ahmad Al-Khdour         
  • Tareq Abdullah Al-Muhaisen  
  • Mr. Rami Abdullah Al-Hadid         

Scientific Committee

  • Nasser AboYasin Chair                         (Jordan)
  • Abbas Ali                                                 (USA)
  • Mohammed Naeemat Alahi                 (USA)
  • Jamal Abu Rashed                                 (USA)
  • Steve Flour                                               (UK)
  • Peter Appel                                              (UK)
  • Iona Paulas                                              (Poland)
  • Zainal Arifin Ahmad                               (Malaysia)
  • Allam Ahmed                                          (UK)
  • Eid Abou Bakr                                         (Egypt)
  • Marwan M. Al-Nsour                              (Jordan)
  • Mahmoud J. Al Sumaidaie                    (Jordan)
  • Najm Abboud Najm                                (Jordan)
  • Saeb Al-Janaydeh                                   (Jordan)
  • Mohammad I. Al Nawaiseh                   (Jordan)
  • Naji Mualla                                               (Jordan)
  • Rajeh Ahmad Al-Khdour                        (Jordan)
  • Tareq Abdullah Al-Muhaisen                (Jordan)
  • Rami Abdullah Al-Hadid                        (Jordan)


Scientific Committee

  • Nasser AboYasin Chair                         (Jordan)
  • Abbas Ali                  (USA)
  • Mohammed Naeemat Alahi      (USA)
  • Jamal Abu Rashed                               (USA)
  • Steve Flour                                           (UK)
  • Peter Appel         (UK)
  • Iona Paulas (Poland)
  • Zainal Arifin Ahmad    (Malaysia)
  • Allam Ahmed                 (UK)
  • Eid Abou Bakr (Egypt)
  • Marwan M. Al-Nsour                           (Jordan)
  • Mahmoud J. Al Sumaidaie                  (Jordan)
  • Najm Abboud Najm                 (Jordan)
  • Saeb Al-Janaydeh (Jordan)
  • Mohammad I. Al Nawaiseh                (Jordan)
  • Naji Mualla (Jordan)
  • Rajeh Ahmad Al-Khdour (Jordan)
  • Tareq Abdullah Al-Muhaisen (Jordan)
  • Rami Abdullah Al-Hadid                 (Jordan)


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Al-Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan was established in 1993 after receiving its license and general accreditation by Decision No. 848 on March 6, 1993. Instruction began on September 6, 1993, and since then Al-Zaytoonah has witnessed considerable progress, at both the infrastructure and academic levels.
Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) has been established in 1964 as a monetary authority that enjoys an independent and autonomous corporate identity. CBJ works on maintaining the monetary and financial stability in the Kingdom. It also acts as a Banker for banks and specialized lending institutions, as well as a Banker and fiscal agent of the government and official public institutions

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